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The Hustle Journal is an 8x5.5 notebook, ideally sized for easy traveling and equipped with a premium leather cover for durability. The journal contains 190 productivity designed pages. Most users fill a journal for each quarter of the year.

More inventory is expected late November.

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HUSTLE Journal

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The Hustle Journal is an inspirational daily productivity planner. Two full pages for each day, organizing your morning planning and providing space for day/night noting and reflection. Designed to make you aware of the habits that are shaping your day. Promoting and prompting you to establish healthy habits for increase and make you conscious of the negative habits that are hindering your growth. The HJ also provides space for you to express feelings of gratefulness for your current state and documenting the growth taking place along your journey. Habits address your awareness for you action. The next section addresses your mental programing, blocking space for a powerful "I am" affirmation statement to empower you to act on your dreams. And last before starting your day, itemizing your top five task of the day. Somedays this will be big agenda items. Other days and most, the top task will seem to be full of smaller items, but seeing these small items in writing will propel to complete each small task. Turning them to into small steps creating more and more momentum each day to accomplish big goals and vision for your life. The Hustle Journal, the first hip hop inspired daily productive planner, the ultimate tool for getting your mind right each day and ensuring you’re acting on your big dreams each day!

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